Virtue unknown in nature

Happy New Year, lovely readers! I hope the dawn of the new year finds you all in good spirits? This year I’ve set myself a veritable mountain of challenges, let this be the year I reach the summit. Exciting times ahead, fo’ sho’.

This is a set I never got around to posting, woe be me should I dare to bare my arms in these conditions! My darling Winter finds me stifling my predilection for change, cowering under a raincloud of monotony where I find no shame in wearing one garment over and over. Every year, that one piece provides just the right amount of warmth, looks just the right amount of ‘odd’ and feels the right amount of right. I introduce to you my flavour of winter 09/10 (also worn here), velvet trousers. They have held my hand and seen me through the season, and so long as they continue to do so, so shall I court them.

Coat: thrifted

Trousers: thrifted

Hat: vintage

Boots: ebay

Soup of the day: I’m off to faraway lands for the next two weeks, apologies in advance for the lack of updates.

– Nadia