Attempt to drive

Keko Hainswheeler’s pieces bleed chains, stones, spikes, feathers in a display of chaotic, vaguely deconstructivist opulence. Taking cues from his gem smothered aunt, his love for body ornaments has translated into unconventional, adventurous pieces among which elaborate feather chokers, nailed hats and chained pompoms feature. Becoming increasingly recognised amongst the fashion gods with his work making appearances in Dazed and Confused and the art carcrash exhibition that is Lady Gaga’s body, Keko favours the use of reclaimed materials that he hand stitches together. The unexpected amalgam of embroidery and industrial hardware in irregular forms is a true delight to the senses.

The concept of draping one’s body with one too many adornments has always set my heart aflutter and I can’t help find myself gawping at the body harness weeping chains and charms and hungering for the golden torrent cascading from his cocktail ring. Ornamentation at its best.

– Nadia