The mouth of labour

There is probably something wrong with my heart. It has never really somersaulted at the sight of a particular handbag, or stopped beating over the latest Loubirkciaga. I admit to a guilty flirtation with a certain McQueen skull clutch, but I am otherwise happily married to my vintage goodness, thank you.

Or so I claimed until Reece Hudson‘s lookbook walked in under the silver moon and shot my pseudo-snobbery to dust. Captured by Tommy Ton, no less. Whether it was the overall styling, my obsession with streetstyle, or the vintage inspired detailing of the bags themselves, I can’t be certain, but I fear a definite crush. A scrumptious fusion of tribal elements and an industrial finish cushioned in a beauty of a different age – my heart may be timid but my head is convinced.

– Nadia