Their Greek tragedy

I’ve noticed that with regards to colour, I’m becoming boring, and I can’t decide whether or not I want to pursue this rut. Quandary aside, monochromacity forces one (or me) to focus on or experiment more with shapes, silhouette, proportions and/ or texture. In this case, texture takes centre stage as chunky speckled knit, leather effect, faux snakeskin and pleats become friends. Leathery/ shiny looking garments paired with knitwear or fluffy pieces has been a lasting fixation of mine and ONCE AGAIN find myself over buying to cater for my predilection, tsk. Someone stop me? (Please).

On a side note, these glasses cost me 50p – with their ORANGE-ity, transparent, graduated lenses and hint-of-cat shape, I love them more than all of my other sunnies (but don’t let on to the others).

Cardigan: atmosphere

Leggings: ebay

Skirt: H&M

Clutch: random shop in brumingham

– Nadia (Frouu)