LFW: Day 2

The luxury of fabrics, arrangement of colour and sophisticated, architectural qualities that drew me to Bryce Aime’s last collection, suggested good things for this season. Although the show was fun, the first part lacked magic as potentially interesting forms and shapes were stultified by the dull pallette and that godawful graphic print. Whether it was the combination of maroon and purple with black or the digital plague, the result was somewhat tawdry. For me (and perhaps others, assuming by the audible intake of breath and sudden hum of shutters), the show only really began at the appearance of a sculptural bodysuit, reminiscent of his previous works and no doubt designed for the likes of the Gaga/ Gargle. From here onward, the muted palette thrived amongst adventurous layering and forms, assorted surface textures and beautiful shapes. Although I longed for the elegance of last season, the use of prints was promptly forgiven and I succumbed to the spectacle before me.

Location: John Rocha party at Claridges; Molton House

People involved: Guy, Hassan, Francypoo, Audrey, Michael, Imogen, Lola. The multiple SLRs as yet remain nameless.

Hat: vintage
Jacket: vintage
Polkadot top: Topshop
Rings: flea markets, H&M
Bag: vintage

– Nadia