Epic to epigram

I live for girlie dresses, yet I covet the appeal of androgyny or ‘man chic’ as my brother and I dubbed it once upon an early teen year (tomboy days, haha). My appease comes with the congruency of my collar fetish. This shirt is a silk gem discovered in my father’s wardrobe (it seems he also has unvisited darks depths in his, genetic of course), from my favourite period of all time. The collar is AMAZING, so sharp, so square, photos do it no justice.

On another note, much gratitude to the luscious-locked, ever sweet and ever stylish Shin from FashionCappuccino for bestowing on us a blog award, out first. Humbled, indeed. Ok, the link doesn’t feel like working right now, but the award shall be passed on in due course. Meanwhile, be sure to visit Shin.

Sweater: XL mens random
Shirt: Mon pere’s from the swinging decade
Belt: Market
Hat: H&M

– Nadia