Perpetual uncertainty

Evidential of how simple adornment can make or break an outfit, stating the obvious, I know. My fallback outfit for life, when I can’t be bothered/ don’t have time to be mulling, is an oversized top/ shirt/ sweater/ blanket/ anything with skinnies/ leggings/ tights. Accessorise at will for varying levels of unboringness.

I’m beginning to have second thoughts as to whether having as many clothes as can conceivably fit into one’s wardrobe is a good thing. Of late, I find myself stuck in a creative rut – layering less, using fewer accessories, feeling less inclined to wear things the way they’re not supposed to be worn. Why? Because I’m feeling guilty for not having worn all my purchases and am desperately trying to wear each thing once, whether it’s worn well or not, just to justify having bought them. Terrible. Possession of fewer garments encourages one to experiment with what little one has, fact. I’m not promising myself not to buy anything, because let’s face it, that’s not happening anytime soon, but I’m promising myself to not feel guilty and to revert to the state of mind I reach during a new clothes drought. If you begin to find my outfits too straightforward, feel free to slap me.

In other news, dissertations aren’t fun.

Top: mummy’s

Leather look leggings: ebay

Scarf: vintage

Boots: new look

– Frouu