Things and things

This is late coming. I blame the unprompted, cruel death of my laptop, the length of earth days, the weather, undone shoe laces, chimneys, grapes and pretty much everything else that counts as being ‘under the sun’.

Susie from Style Bubble is holding a yard sale in London this Sunday and you’re invited. A handful of other bloggers, of whom I am one, will be selling their wares and I hear rumours of gems amongst the inventory. Not my inventory, mind you. I recently had a huge clearout so my contribution will be the pile of ‘what were you thinking?’ in the corner, to which you are most welcome – all my clothes will be a tenner or under.

The delicious Quentin Blake-esque scrawls are the work of Victoria Riches, she’ll be at the sale too, armed with a bit of graphite and a lot of talent.

(Wish I could remember where I picked up the hooded image from, the site was full of pretty anatomical things – contact me if you know).

– Nadia

P.s. Fiona is going to be holding a charity raffle on Sunday with proceeds going to the victims of the Pakistan floods. If you’re there, you know what to do.