Bringing them to the yard

As I’m sure you’ve by now read on other blogs, the yard sale was a stonking success. On arrival, I found the tables awash with an abundance of brightly coloured goodies – a veritable feast for the eyes and inevitably, the wardrobe. To my wonder/ horror the other girls had created banners, blog tags, and lo, even PRICES for their wares. Feeling inadequate on the professionalism front, solace was found in John and Steve‘s delicious homemade lemonade. It later turned out that my business skills weren’t so shoddy. My ‘marketing’ ploy to entice the punters by hiding my suitcase in a corner on the floor worked marvelously and I was soon struggling with arithmetic and change with the best of them.

Susie, wonderfully hospitable, organised and surprisingly calm, tackled the sale of her exquisite lot whilst simultaneously ensuring everyone had everything they needed and generally exuding charm. As for Tommy‘s famous satay chicken with peanut sauce, I eagerly await the recipe – all other food is now bland.

Shini was a star attraction in herself. A moment arose where there was sheer panic at the realisation that she had, in fact, disappeared and I found myself fending off increasingly aggressive ‘where is Shini?’ demands. The lovely Vic Riches also caught everyone’s attention as she churned out masterpiece after masterpiece throughout the day, capturing personalities and character in swift strokes.

It was a pleasure meeting Kit, Fiona, and Alice and to see the ebullient Imogen again. Many thanks to Zara for the idea and of course, to Susie for executing the event so immaculately.

– Nadia