On silver’d wings

For longer than I care to remember, I have chewed my way through many a proverbial bullet in search of ‘something different’, imagining a romanticised version of myself, kohled eyes peeking out beneath a heavy curtain of hair, taking on the world with ambrosial, superhuman force. I’m talking about the fringe/ bang/ holy grail (yes, I believe the fringe has the power to make me look like a more interesting person). Post snip, I find myself staring at my not-so-new look through kohled face and misty eyes, desperately pulling at odd strands to make it sit less awkwardly and coming to the realisation that this year was no different to last. I’d never go back but for the few delicious days during regrowth, where it works wonderfully and I fleetingly become the character in my head.

Hershesons Winge may just be my way out of hair purgatory, eradicating my ‘should I, shouldn’t I?’ woes. A clip in hairpiece in the form of a fringe sounds like the ideal, albeit slightly dubious, solution to my seemingly eternal dilemma. Purchasable in an array of natural colours and red (genius), pink and purple, I’m hoping it’s all that it promises. Meanwhile, I’m happy to allow myself to believe ‘Winge’ (wig + fringe), is actually just a poetic rendition of the word ‘wing’.


– Nadia