LFW: Day 1

Any narratives I volunteer would probably not do justice to the thrilling time had.

Locations: Somerset House, Victoria House, Susheel’s roof terrace, Metal Magazine party at Runway.

People involved: Hassan, the brother; Frances; Audrey; Michael; Susheel; Daniella; little bits of Yvan.


Apart from the occasional appearance of some rather glorious aviator hats, I found Caroline Charles to be a little too grown up for my taste, despite my current love for calf-length hems. The outlook was somewhat confused, with the apparent retro theme fluctuating between clean 20/30s silhouettes (winners), to what appeared to be dated mumsy uniforms of the nineties, to attire reminiscent of that befuddled period in the mid noughties. The tweeds sat well, but perhaps a better stylist (hi there, Caroline) would not have gone amiss. Would not kick those badboy hats out of bed.


In the follow up to their Fashion Fringe win, Aminaka Wilmont saw through a predominantly monotone palette, a slightly predictable but agreeable continuation of the neutrals in their winning collection. The appearance of yet more digital prints prompted a few, albeit muted, inward groans, but the long, lean, layered silhouettes negated any initial misgivings and I left smiling (this may have been partially owing to the characters in my previous post).

– Nadia