With buds, and bells, and stars without a name

[source: Nicola Formichetti, Dazed and Confused, April 2009]

I know I have brought this up before and I promise to at least TRY to change the mp3, but my unadulterated addiction to layers upon layers of jewellery seems not to be fading. The process of relentlessly wearing so much of my shiny bricabrac has culminated in my once neat waterfall of chains, tower of bracelets and podium of rings transforming into a growing, gleaming mound of sad, tangled debris. As I berate myself over the mess, I can’t help but notice how pretty it all looks. I like burnished mountains. Click click.

I do NOT, however, like how sneaky Office ads are. It takes note of every shoe I have obsessively stalked and mockingly thrusts them all in my face whenever I visit a new site, impetuously reminding me that I am missing out on what may potentially be THE ONE. Not nice.

– Nadia