Rainebows at sundown

A social engagement in London over the weekend coincided with Graduate Fashion Week, so Mr. Pseudonym Photographer and I made a trip down to Earl’s Court. Immediately, my eyes were drawn to the floor as I unashamedly gawped at people’s crazily amazing shoes of all heights, shapes and colours. Having meandered between the stalls and perused through countless portfolios, my mind became stuck between a place of awe at the talent of these students, with their meticulous drawings, ever so neat seams, and intriguing concepts; and a yearning for a particular oversized faux fur and feather jacket/ cape thing (fur and feathers, yum).

My mental appease, however, was soon upon me – a vision in orange, cooped up in what appeared to be a Perspex box. Susie Bubble. Having long admired her ability to combine unlikely pieces in unexpectedly beautiful ways and her astute observations and insights into all things fashion, I found myself blabbering something about loving her blog and asking inane questions to which I already knew the answers. Smooth.

We saw the Edinburgh College of Art show and couldn’t have chosen better as I discovered when Raine Hodgson’s models stomped onto the catwalk. My personal favourite, the Mongolian/ Eastern European folk inspired collection saw the models awash in wool, cotton and silk with leathers, sheep skins, feathers and horse hair (all ethically sourced). A pleasant break from the clean lines and nudes of summer, the ornate robes and heavy layering, coupled with the headscarves and incredibly tall fur hats, fulfilled my fervour for all Russian-inspired things and sent me into a reverie of snow and fantastical faraway lands.

The lofty pillbox hats featured again in the show, this time in felt and sequins (sequins!), and before the end, I found myself wanting to dress like a folksy, gothic doll in a mid-calf length skirt and voluminous jacket. Well done, Edinburgh.

– Nadia (frouu)