Please, Sir

Dear Santa,

I know I’m a tad early this year, but I’ve been ever such a good girl and truly deserve these YSL mesh godsends (so haphazardly bondage-beautifully geometric) and Alex McQ jewelled treasures (yes, sparkly feet would make me feel so good). Also, I’d like a 24 hour bug, please, as I’ve never been lucky enough to experience this elusive phenomenon. As I lie here in bed for the third day, drowning in a heap of crumpled tissues, I’m thinking I’d like to be ill for just long enough to be showered with sympathy and served yummy food, but not so long that I’m unable to get work done and resort to counting the stripes on my wallpaper for entertainment. There are 57 to the right of my bed. Thank you, Nick.

– Frouu