froufrouu froufrouuPhotos: Nadia Sarwar

Since I moved, my hands have experienced a little too much. I sanded my fingerprint off to the point at which my iphone 5s fingerprint recognition function no longer recognises my fingerprint. This is very problematic. In absolutely no way.

In an attempt to accommodate the 4 suitcases and 2 boxes of the remainder of my clothes (4 suitcases were offloaded to Buffalo Exchange in Willimasburg if you’re interested), I needed a big rack. A 10ft rack. The number was random, just thought it sounded big. Very technical.

Pieces used

Steel tubes (all 1/2″):
6 x 3” for the legs
6 x 10” for the base
3 x 4’ for the vertical
4 x 5’ for the horizontal

Joints (all for 1/2″):
8 elbows
6 tees
6 floor flanges
1 five way thing

Watch out for blackened hands a smug smile.