This dressing gown (What dressing gown? Where?) aka skirt aka robe aka dress aka top is the ultimate layering tool. It feeds my laziness, meaning I can wear it everyday in a different way and know/ hope that no one is any the wiser.
Hat: vintage
Boys’ Aran knit sweater: vintage
Dressing gown: vintage
Shorts: Frances’
Relaced boots: H&M
I finally decided to become active on the Facebook account I once set up and clumsily promised myself to use. I’ll be adding outtakes and other shots from my adventures and it’ll hopefully give me the chance to interact with you on a more personal level. Add me up here for a new take on FrouFrouu. [Note to self: third person is not becoming].
A big fat thanks to Frances for being my tireless outfit photographer during LFW.
– Nadia