Easting, not wasting

Apologies for my absence. I just got back from NY (which was wonderful and you’ll no doubt be bombarded with photos from the trip in the next few weeks) and posting will now resume as normal.

These shots were taken whilst roaming through East Village just before the ModCloth party. Yes, I’m repeating the AA top and fully intend to repeat this long, slouchy nugget of goodness aka cardigan, that I also received from them before my trip. If you’re on the fence about the Litas, jump on over to the good side. They are a godsend – insanely comfortable with built-in gawp factor, I find that the air up at 6ft is far sweeter. I plan on getting them in khaki, mustard and brown suede. Overkill? I think not.

Top – American Apparel
Cardigan – American Apparel
Trousers – vintage Jaeger
Shoes – Jeffrey Campbell
Hat – random Maltese shop
Pre-change chelsea boots – vintage
Bag – Urban Outfitters

– Nadia