Tonight, we’re the sea

Again? Again! Apologies all, most definitely time to form a relationship with Mr. Tinypic methinks.

In recent times, we have seen the rise of film as a medium of expression in fashion, as campaigns, runway shows, advertisements, music videos, documentaries and feature films. Earlier this month, Diane Pernet hosted a festival of short films pertaining to fashion as a means of highlighting the ever developing relationship between fashion and film. Mattias Montero, director of ‘In the Valley’ and ‘Goodnight Stockholm’ took the Public Prize with his film ‘Herr Rodebejr’, a beautifully shot montage of our protagonist moving through empty, surreal cityscapes; bumbling; living in what appears to be an alternate life in ordinary yet extraordinary surroundings . Dark, brooding, beautiful.

The aim was ‘to communicate a mood or mental state quietly, without the actual garments’, but is this film too far removed from the notion of ‘fashion’ to be relevant, or does it manage to evoke an emotion pertinent to that which it represents? What say you, Reader?

Thanks to Shirley from Shopper Magazine a Beijing based monthly (focusing on high-street brands, young fashion style, fashion business and pop culture of China and abroad) for featuring me. I’ll try to get hold of a translation of the questionnaire. Click the images to view the magazine in full.

All these self-indulgent posts, tsk. Merely a form of gratitude to those involved.

– Nadia