Behind a broken frame

Last Monday, we were invited to the BBC WO/MAN show as part of LFW’s On|Off showcase, Nadiyah was unable to make it so at the last minute I dragged the frère along. I cleverly forgot my other lens and was consequentially rendered useless with my camera during the show itself – I choose to blame everyone but myself for some of the poorer quality photos which I stole from my brother. Yes.

The night that ensued was fantastically frivolous: Bumped into frolicsome Frances, of Happy Because fame (from whom I stole more photos); choked on 5/8ths of a dry pretzel; accumulated a crew of vain, crazy, pretty people; enjoyed drinks on the balcony of Somerset House alongside fashion mavens (ok so we crashed the party, and what? We own you SH); perfected the art of belonging; cursed the havoc that the cobbled streets played with our heel clad feet; enjoyed hours of inane but oh-so-spirited conversation sat outside a dingy pub that was so uncool, it couldn’t possibly be cooler; did not take enough photos. Fabulous people. Marvellous fun.

The night after the morning before took us to the somewhat vapid Sado afterparty and guess what – no photos.

The ensemble:

Headscarf: flea market, Turkey

Sequin vest: vintage

Trousers: vintage

DIYed Shoes (once boots): New Look a long time ago

Blazer: ebay

Bag: vintage