Hey kids, apologies for the gap in posts, busy times. Enjoying the delicious weather?

Quite the hotchpotch of ensembles, a weird consequenting slouchy, pseudo-golfer vibe I felt flats would be far too predictable a shoe option. Heels solve all ensemble problems, no? One quick roll up for peg leg trousers and what do you know, non-unflattering, longer length, high waisted shorts (who thought it was possible? Next on to do list: attain world peace). The nude, seemingly colourless in these photos, strapless top is one of those over-with-shoved-in-the-back-of-my-wardrobe-until-my-tastes-inevitably-change-again jobs, bought 8 years ago and topped up with a dose of the ever useful oversized cardigan.

Apologies for being unable to recall places of purchase for half my clothes – the disadvantages of being a serial hoarder. Note to self: Must. Stop. Wearing. Knitted. Beret.

Trousers: ebay (originally M&S)

Strapless top: Pilot? Haha.

Socks: Primark

Cardigan: Can’t remember

– Nadia (frouu)