Gracious Bacchus, accept this empty jar!

It seems odd to be posting these on such a sunny day. Confession/excuse: they are in fact a couple of days old when it was raining and miserable and definitely arctic-wear worthy. Definitely.

This is brief because the long term economic benefits of precast concrete sandwich panels are telling me they’re more important. LIES!

Hat: ebay

Jumper: brother’s from many a year ago, a gift from me no less.
Gloves: ?
Boots: random local shoe shop

With a last minute desire to incorporate glamour into a fundamentally slouchy, lazy, everyday look, the somewhat ad hoc ensemble was born. As always, the unexpected amalgamation of time periods pleases me no end.
This outfit was not so much inspired by, as much as a tribute to Lara from Dr. Zhivago. Bringing a soupçon of the 60s to the Russian Revolution, the film sees impeccable costume design, from the peasants’ pinafores to the epitome of layering – coats upon coats as worn by Yuri himself. Julie Christie as Lara is a flurry of pill box hats, beautifully cut coats, collars, cuffed shirts, fur, wistful gazes and head scarves and I am her slave. All hail Phyllis Dalton – the homage paid by YSL in his 1976 Russian collection was deserved.

With the summer days dawning, I find myself ever enticed by my winter wardrobe. I’m deciding it’s ok to wear faux fur collars, winter hats, boots and chunky scarves with my diaphanous florals and gauzy dresses.

– Frouu/ Nadia